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On October 5, 2009, my wife saw Dr. Christopher Rall for her abdominal pain, weight loss, dry hair/hair loss, bloating and very loud bowel sounds. He performed a rushed, very painful endoscopy. He did not look at my medical records including the CT scan I was asked to bring - mumbling some thing about "not getting them" (duh!). Rall's solution to my symptoms: "Put corn oil in your hair for the dryness".

For this sage advice, our insurance was billed $6,531.08 and I was billed $1,575.07. Now, 9 months later I STILL do not have a diagnosis, I STILL do not have treatment plan, Kathy Rice, Manager of Patient Manager Service lied about my poor service, violated the HIPAA laws and now has the gall to send US to collection. Well, the tables have turned; we are sending HER to collections!

Here is the rundown on how Ms. Rice responds to complaints:

"Ms. XXX's concerns have been extensively and thoroughly reviewed".

Impossible: On February 22, Rice wrote: "Could you please supply me with a copy of the CT scan, MRI Scan, Physician Records, CD, and DVD and our Medical Legal Department will take a look at these?" How is it that the "Medical Review Board" supposedly twice reviewed my case when they just claimed they don't have the records?

I am still awaiting the replacement costs of the lost medical records.

"…her subsequent provider diagnosed her with irritable bowel syndrome."

An outright lie. I have never been diagnosed with IBS. In any case, how would The Marshfield Clinic Business Office have gained access to my subsequent medical records without violating the HIPAA laws?

"Ms. XXX's had a complete work up for celiac disease and there was no evidence of that diagnosis."

Another lie. Marshfield never recommended or followed through with a gluten-free diet, the only true standard for diagnosis of celiac disease (Google "celiac disease diagnosis – new standard"). I was put on a gluten-free diet at Froedert Hospital (Milwaukee) which resulted in complete elimination of the celiac symptoms.

Again, it is now 9 months later and I still do not have a diagnosis, I still do not have a treatment plan. But I do have a pile of bills!

Avoid them at all costs! We have reported them to the BBB, the Department of Health and Human Services and have started collection proceedings.

Monetary Loss: $8.

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Yet, when I took them to collections, did they *** and moan!


It doesn't matter whether you send them $10 or$50 they still send it to collections but have no problem cashing those checks of payments..


Give the *** $10 a month. They can't touch you. :grin


Marshfield is always sending everyone to collections.. Whether you have insurance or not..

They get they're money from the insurance and the bill that you owe if not paid in full is expected to be paid of within 30 days..Right !!!!! Like yeah who in heck has thousands of dollars at they're beck and call in 30 days?

to allyfarm Chetek, Wisconsin, United States #608229

Unless you pay in full they will send you to collections. FYI Marshfield Clinic has filed civil suits in every county of Wisconsin except Grant County.

Since 1993 they have filed over 20,000+ suits. Check the Wisconsin Court System-Public Records and guess how many times the courts have ruled in favor of Marshfield. They are in the business of suing their patients. FYI-they are tax exempt and recieve millions in grants both Federal and State.

Marshfield grossed over $1 billion in 2009.

Public information is available on the Wisconsin Tax info site.

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